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"Your website has helped me invigorate my training sessions and keep me involved and enjoying the coaching.  Its well laid out has current valuable information about coaching, coach development and other great practical stuff about handling difficult situations.  Thanks."

Ernie Sciarrillo
Chester, UK

"...let me congratulate you for this wonderful site it is really very strong and usefull site, my club and I are very impreessed"

Mohamed Mohsen Mohamed Zaki

"I've found everything on the site to be a massive help.  The video footage, excellent illustrations, animated drills, this is truly a magnificent site.  There's everything for the most inexperienced coach to qualified association coaches."

Jason Davies
Clwyd, Wales

"Me, my soccer team, parents and club have all benefited from the superb information that you have in JSC.  My training sessions are totally packed with technical practices, skill developments and small sided games.  Players have fun in training and we are winning more games, so everyone's a winner!"

Colin Rose
Ontario, Canada

Home | Sample Articles | Superbly Animated Plays & Drills

Superbly Animated Plays & Drills

Here at Junior Soccer Coach we make our drills, exercises, games and play sequences come to life thanks to a partnership with Play Manager. Play Manager allows us support many of our drills and play sequences with a powerful animated illustration.

This allows you to visualise the play sequence, as it has been described, with detailed coaching notes. This will ensure absolute clarity of:

  • The aim of the drill, exercise, game or sequence
  • How to structure it
  • What your players should be doing throughout the drill, and
  • What coaching information you should be giving to your players

    What will you see?

    On each drill page you will see a hyperlink, example - Through the Gates together with a snap shot of the Play Manager illustration. Please click the hyperlink and you will open a separate pop up box which will load the selected play for you. Once the play has loaded you should have a play similar to the following image.

    Click on the soccer drill to launch!
       Click on the soccer drill to launch!

    You can now view the animated play. The buttons on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen act exactly like they would on a cassette player. Our plays are configured to stop at key intervals to explain what is happening, this supports the narrative in the Junior Soccer Coach drill page.

    This is enabled due to the excellent facility called e-chalk. At the end of each sequence, new notes will populate in the dialogue box. Play sequences can be rewound and fast forwarded by using the appropriate buttons. We believe the use of Play Manager brings the coach's whiteboard into the digital era and really gives you an edge.

    Techy stuff - Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95,98,2000,ME,NT and XP
  • Pentium 133MHz
  • 16MB Memory
  • Video card and monitor capable of running 16-bit color @ 800x600 resolution
  • Internet connection - 56k dial up or Broadband If you are using a 56K dial up, please be aware that download speed will be slower.

    Check out some other animated plays contained within the sample articles area, by clicking on the links below:-


    Printer-Friendly Format
    ·  Cross To Head - Attacking
    ·  Ball Control - Green Light Red Light