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"Your website has helped me invigorate my training sessions and keep me involved and enjoying the coaching.  Its well laid out has current valuable information about coaching, coach development and other great practical stuff about handling difficult situations.  Thanks."

Ernie Sciarrillo
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"...let me congratulate you for this wonderful site it is really very strong and usefull site, my club and I are very impreessed"

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Jason Davies
Clwyd, Wales

"Me, my soccer team, parents and club have all benefited from the superb information that you have in JSC.  My training sessions are totally packed with technical practices, skill developments and small sided games.  Players have fun in training and we are winning more games, so everyone's a winner!"

Colin Rose
Ontario, Canada

Home | Tip of the Week | Soccer coaching tips for 10 – 12 year olds

Soccer coaching tips for 10 – 12 year olds

As young players begin to mature they have an increased appetite to learn more about the game.  This is a good age to start to provide more technically based drills, games and exercises. 


Work on movement and support.


Provide many demonstrations as this is a key learning style of young players, involve them through effective questioning to promote discovery and facilitate the learning of key points. 


Start to get them to see the bigger picture; you can start to do this at this age as they are beginning to understand the concept of teamwork.


In small sided games work on positional play.  Watch closely and concentrate on tactical aspects, like creating and using space effectively, using passing triangles, wall passes, switching play from side to side, using all of the pitch length & width in attack including depth and compactness in defence.


Keep sessions fun and enjoyable, focus on team play, organisation, roles and responsibilities.  Young players in this age group have the most capacity to learn and a large proportion of their soccer education takes place during these years. 


Provide plenty of opportunities for the group to work as a team and set them up for success.

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