Soccer coaching for 13 – 16 year olds

Players are more aware of the game and the different elements that are required today, but this is the age where growth spurts and confidence can affect many players.

Instruction, demonstration and information is vital at this development stage. If movement and technique is left uncorrected bad habits form and it is much more difficult to correct them later.

Hopefully, you should be seeing your team work as a whole with secondary units across the pitch e.g. midfield, defence and attack. Supporting, covering and tactical situations should form the basis of training sessions.

Encourage plenty of communication between the players during the training sessions and competitive games; you should also work hard at ensuring the players talk to you too.

This is a difficult phase in their physical and psychological development, players confidence levels can be effected which can have a big impact on their overall game and as individuals.

Many players cease playing at this age due to pressures and lack of confidence.

You can assist by being patient, understand their needs and demonstrate that you understand each of them by talking, listening and supporting them.

And remember, you can still make demands of your players but.......keep soccer enjoyable.

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