Parent / Guardian Code Of Conduct

Parent / Guardian Code Of Conduct

Parents, guardians and spectators have a great influence on how much a player enjoys soccer. Remember the reason why most players start playing soccer is to have fun and be with their friends.

Sometimes, parents and spectators can ruin that enjoyment by being over zealous on the sidelines and losing sight of what is important, namely at junior level fun and development, then at youth level fairness, sportsmanship and competitiveness.

If you want to effectively manage your sideline and minimise some of the aggravation that can come with the role of coach, then you will want to download this Code of Conduct.

It is an excellent tool to reinforce the key messages of why juniors and youths play football and what they can do to encourage the players and support your club.

Parents & Guardians who offer positive encouragement and support will contribute towards the players:

  • Enjoying the game more
  • Gaining a sense of achievement
  • Building their self esteem
  • Increasing their confidence
  • Developing their techniques and skills

You can ensure that your team are well respected in your league by asking your parents & guardians to show encouragement to all that take to the soccer pitch, both your own team and your opponents.

Encourage your spectators to:

  • Applaud good play
  • Avoid coaching their own child
  • Avoid shouting and screaming
  • Respect all the officials
  • Give equal attention and respect to all players

The Parents Code Of Conduct will help you get "buy in" and manage your sideline effectively.

Download the Parent & Guardian Code Of Conduct

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