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4x4 Possession Soccer Game

In this soccer exercise we set up a small area where players must demonstrate good shielding, passing, vision and movement in order to keep the soccer ball. This is a simple drill to organise and reflects the full game so much that it's a stock exercise we use in many training sessions.


Set up a square area that is 20 yards x 20 yards. Place 2 players from each team in the centre of the square as they are going to challenge each other for the ball and attempt to keep possession.

Place two wide players on either side of the square on opposite sides, as per the image below.

The aim of the game is for each team to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible. They can do this by making passes between each other in the centre of the square or by using their team mates on either side of the square.

Although this looks like a very simple set up the possibilities this exercise enables are almost endless... plus the learning that you players will gain is immense.

This set up also allows you to impose many conditions on the players to work them on specific aspects. The tempo of this drill will be pretty intense which also reflects game like conditions.


Plenty of balls, eight players per grid, four cones to mark zones and eight bibs to denote teams.


  • Good close control
  • Use a variety of feints, turns, stops and starts to gain half a yard
  • Sheild the ball on the safe side
  • Good open body stance when receiving the ball
  • Good communication
  • Fake passes to create openings

The wide players should be encouraged to :

  • Always be available for a wall pass
  • Maintain a good position which will allow a pass
  • Play a good wall pass - with good weight and accuracy
  • Communicate and direct the players in the centre


  • Stipulate a set amount of passes the two players in the centre must pass the ball to each other before using the outside players
  • Award points for a set number of passes between team mates e.g. 5 passes equals 1 goal
  • Condition the players to use both feet or their weaker foot
  • Condition the players in the centre that the ball can only be passed below knee height
  • Condition any switch in play from side to side that the ball must be played in the air
  • Award two goals for a successful wall pass
  • Increase the number of players in the centre 3 v 3 - this might need an adjustment to the playing area. However, if you want your players to work in tight areas just as they would have to in a game, then you may want to keep it tight!

Watch the video here and my explanation...

Your players will love this drill because they get plenty of touches of the ball, it's competitive, interesting and simple.

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